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P E R S O N A L   P R A C T I C E



I have been experimenting with my personal instructional progression of Horton technique as a means to make a codified technique more accessible and useful for dancers studying multiple disciplines. My new system of Horton based exercises called ACoHo (Andre’s Contemporary Horton) and the format by which I instruct the class, builds on tried and tested tenants that are universal staples of all good training. I have found relative success trying to tackle in new ways some of the challenges young multi-discipline students face today. As a devout student, practitioner and instructor of Horton technique, I see room for adaption and refinement. I have been deconstructing traditional Horton exercises to include even more organic properties. I have developed and fashioned the traditional class to be more bio-mechanically sound to incorporate aspects and properties of other techniques. In addition, I wanted to make Horton technique more user friendly for this generation of students.

Pilates Method


The Pilates method focuses on lengthening, toning, stretching and strengthening the entire body. A Pilates regimen concentrates on the powerhouse or core of the anatomy, i.e.,the abdomen and the gluteal region, creating a slenderized body with long sleek muscles without building bulk. Pilates method rejuvenates the body since the exercises are performed on the horizontal level (on a mat or exercise apparatus), never exhausting or tiring the muscles. I have studied Pilates method for over thrity years and am a Certified Pilates Instructor. I remain active and conversant with the evolution of the Pilates method and it is a key component to my dance artistry.


Cleanse ~ Dance 4 Camera Film

Process ~ Excavation

Process ~ Embodied Movement Excavation

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